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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Project

Digital File Preparation Final Project th, 2010
Bethany Pommier
December 16
 th- On screen critique th- Final day printed project
Project Specifications:
  • This project is a two part process. The first is a package that will hold cards. The cover will require a large sheet of paper printed on both sides. The end size of the cover will be 16.64 by 7.25. This does not require a bleed and the margins are .25. The only extras this layout will need are fold marks. The cover folds into a package to hold information.
  • The second part of this project are cards that hold information about me. The cards are 6.5 by 5.5 including an 1/8 of an inch bleed. The margins are .25. These are also two sided. These are flat and do not require fold marks. This will be cut to have two rounded edges and the lines for those cuts are included in the layout.

Project Purpose:
  • The purpose of this project is to be used as a resume. It is to highlight what I have accomplished. The main goal is to obtain a job.

Call to Action:
  • I would like the employer to contact me for an interview.

Target Audience:
  • The target audience for this project is a high school that has a technology education program that is searching for a new teacher. They are professional individuals and this project needed to be the same.

Image List:
  • Bitmap- Signed name
  • Reverse 1- B logo
  • Grayscale Raster- Book image
  • Vector Art- swirl Design from illustrator
  • Duotone Raster- Chalkboard image
  • Vector Art 2- Circle logo design
  • Raster- silhouette- Picture of me
  • Raster- full bleed- Circuit image
  • 4/C Raster- Circuit image
  • Screen Tint 1- Page insert
  • Screen Tint 2- Page insert
  • Stroked type-vector- Back page type
  • Drop Shadow- Name back page
  • Reverse 2- Name on back pages
  • Timeline:
  • December 9
  • December 16

Copyright Statement:
  • All of the images found in my project are found from They are free images that are downloadable.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Publication Ad Final PDFs

Publication Ad Thumbs & Roughs

Publication Ad

Call to Action
  • To show that Ford Mustang is top of the line and innovative
  • To persuade the reader to buy the Mustang
Target Audience
  • Magazine Reader- Mainly a male reader
  • I fit this ad to the specifications online for the Ms. Advertising Specifications. It stated that the printing information is as follows:
  • Page trim size is 8" w x 10 3/4" h, with a bleed size of 81/2" w x 111/4" h. Please keep all type 1/4" from trimmed edges.
  • I chose to design a whole page ad and a half page ad. The half page has no bleed and the specifications were 1/2 page horizontal 63/4"w X 47/8"h.
  • The product is to be completed on November 30
th, 2010.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four State Conference

This past weekend was the Four State Regonial Technology Conference. There were many great speakers and presenters that came to town for this event. I attened and was a part of, the Tool Time presentation on Friday afternoon. I played the part as Heidi. I really enjoyed listing to all of the vendors that came to show their latest products. We had members from Home Depot, Depco, Snap On, Pitsco and a few others come with their items. I was most impressed with the Saw Stop presentaion by Depco. It is amazing how a blade can drop so quickly right before a finger is lost.